About Me

I am a mother (giver of life, oh yeah!) house flipper/renovator, gardener, writer, sculptor,  teacher, entertainer, therapist and a Jedi Knight. I love people (only awesome ones, though,) music, singing, dancing, drumming, art, photography, birds, trees, the ocean, rocks, yoga, Karate, traveling, scuba diving, knitting, crocheting, sewing, reading, space exploration, maker of jewelry and other useless but fine trinkets, rollercoasters, skydiving, sudoku, and netflix binging. I see beauty everywhere and enjoy life with a crazy amount of passion. I am intensly emotional, empathetic, and ridiculously idealistic.

That’s when I’m up. When I’m down, I retreat, grieve the cruelty and misery in the world, knash my teeth and cry a lot. I used to drink and rage against the universe, but now I just cry a lot and nap.

I have Bipolar II disorder and ADHD with a heaping sidedish of anxiety, but I am learning that not only are these things manageable, but you can thrive and live an awesome life. There are trials and epic fails, but I am strong and fortunate enough to have some pretty amazing people in my life who love me through it all.